Daily Drawing #179, Ridin’ the Little Red Wagon

One of my prize possessions from my childhood was my little red wagon. I would use that wagon for many things from hauling rocks to riding down hills. I got a lot of use out of that wagon and in the end when the wagon lost its wheels I used the wagon as a sled. There are days when I miss that old red wagon. Even to this day when I see an old red wagon in an antique store it brings back fond memories.

Red is the symbol of life. it is the color of the blood which flows through our veins. The blood which keeps us alive. Like the little red wagon blood is a prize possession given to us by God. The precious possession which Jesus shed on the cross for humanity. Even to this day when I think about what Jesus did for me it leaves me in a state if awe. It should be the same for anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus.


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