Daily Drawing #162 Living the Golden Life is Not Always Good


The prompt for today is the word, “yellow.” I created the little illustration entitled, “Mr. Fox Watches the Tree.” The title of the article is meant to be reflective of the fact that many people put there trust in things they believe to be golden The problem is that in they end up possessing worthless yellow imitations. What I am talking about is can’t miss opportunities or get rich schemes which fail to live up to their promise. The true golden worth of a person is not how much they have it is how much they have to give away.

In my walk from birth to sixty I have come across many people who had lots of money. These people however lacked the one thing they needed in order to be truly successful…kindness.¬† I have also known many people who had nothing but still gave away what they had to those who had even less. Who of these people shined like gold in the sunshine and which of these people had the gleam of faded yellow paint. In Mark 12:41-44 Jesus tell the tale of the widows offering. It is good parable to read in times of ego (times we seek our own golden lifestyle).


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