Daily Drawing #161, Tending the Garden is Hard Work

The prompt for today was the word,”garden.” The title of my little drawing is,”Flower By The Pond.” I have had to cut grass for as long as I can remember. In my current home I figured I would cut down on the grass mowing by adding flower beds. Well, to my dismay I discovered flower beds and gardens are tougher to take care of then mowing the grass.

You have to weed them, thin out the flower herds, and mulch them. Then you have to keep on weeding the gardens throughout the year. I know what you’re going to say, “Buy some of that some kind of weed be gone product or some of mesh fabric to cut back on the weeds.” Well I have and they only work for a limited time and then the weed come back. I am planning to cut back on my gardens this year and go back to more grass. I’d rather cut grass than weed.

Life is like a garden. If we are not careful the weeds will over take us and choke out the beautiful flowers which would otherwise grow. So tend you garden and live a life of beauty.


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