Daily Drawing #159, First the Storm Then The Calm

. The prompt for today is the word, “calm” and the drawing I created is called, “After Storm, Calm Lake.” In life we’re going to have storms. These storms usually come quickly giving us little time to prepare. I myself have been through many of these storms in the last couple of years the most recent being a bought with cancer and tumultuous school year which saw many changes in the classroom I was in even a change of classrooms. People often ask me how I can keep a smile on my face after all I have been through. The key for me is to weather the storms and wait for the calm.

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to times of depression and worry which come with the storms. These are the times when I like Peter take my eyes off of Jesus and start to sink. Still I weather even these moments as well as the storms by keeping my faith in God and knowing He is there walking alongside me keeping me safe during the high winds and battering seas. This may sound cliche for some or tiresome for others but it is how I get through the storms and will get through those yet to come for however many years I have left.