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Daily Drawing #156, Taking the First Steps


My drawing is a simple pen drawing of a man taking the steps to get to the top of the hill. It is entitled, “The Steps Worth Taking.” The first steps of anything in life are the hardest to take but we must take them in order to become better. I don’t remember way back to when I began to walk but I can remember when I started to read. At first trying to decode those words on the page were very frustrating. Over time however it became easier and easier to read books. These days I am avid reader. The same is true of being an artist. I look at my first pictures and the initial steps I took in creating my art pieces a Many times I thought about stopping and just giving up but like my drawing you can’t get to the top of the hill without taking all the steps. My advice for today is simple this no matter what you are trying to learn, don’t stop but keep taking the steps to get better.