Daily Drawing #181, Feeling Like A Man In The Wilderness

The drawing prompt for today was the word, “wilderness.” The prompt made my mind wander back to one of the songs by my favorite groups of my youth, Styx and one of my favorite songs, “Man in the Wilderness.”  The lyrics are:

‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I’m a lonely soldier off to war
Sent away to die, never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all

While the song appears to be about life on the road as a rock star. it also had meaning for me back then as well as now. I will not bore you with the details of how the song related to me back in the day . Today however, there are times as a follower of Jesus where I feel like I am wandering in a wilderness. A man all alone. I have the light in my heart but it doesn’t seem to pervade the darkness. Still I persevere, knowing God is near, and will never leave me to be truly alone.


Daily Drawing #180, Self Portrait of A Childhood

I found a picture of myself from my childhood. I drew a little self portrait. While my childhood was an interesting time I have no desire to return to those youthful years. Sure I had a lot of good memories from those days but there were also some memories I wish to leave behind. In my youth I learned the value of true friends. I also the cruelty of peers who see you as not belonging to the same social class. Still I count my youth as a time well spent.

How to Stay Focused

All should read this article.

Looking to God

We have developed the attention span of a hamster. It should not surprise anyone. After all, a typical movie at the theater cuts to a new angle or scene in roughly 0.5 seconds. Is it a wonder not all of us suffer from ADHD.

Yet, our short attention span does affect us, such that it prevents us from concentrating effectively.

How can we remain focused without sacrificing our time while doing it? How can we not feel threatened by the passing of time and accomplish our goals?

Put blinders on.

Ignore everything that goes on around us. We may be on a train or a bus reading our favorite novel, when someone sits next to us who is blaring music from his or her headset. As hard as it seems, we can either move to another seat or simply ignore the interference.

It does take some practice, but it is…

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Daily Drawing #179, Ridin’ the Little Red Wagon

One of my prize possessions from my childhood was my little red wagon. I would use that wagon for many things from hauling rocks to riding down hills. I got a lot of use out of that wagon and in the end when the wagon lost its wheels I used the wagon as a sled. There are days when I miss that old red wagon. Even to this day when I see an old red wagon in an antique store it brings back fond memories.

Red is the symbol of life. it is the color of the blood which flows through our veins. The blood which keeps us alive. Like the little red wagon blood is a prize possession given to us by God. The precious possession which Jesus shed on the cross for humanity. Even to this day when I think about what Jesus did for me it leaves me in a state if awe. It should be the same for anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus.

Daily Drawing #178, Blowing Bubbles in the Wind

As a kid blowing bubbles was one of my favorite activities. I remember going to the store getting those bottles of glorified soap. Inside was a little wand with a circle on one end. The circle of course was used to created the bubbles. Who would have thought such a little device could create hours of joy. Sadly the bubbles we blew did not last. Either they landed on the ground and popped or we chased them down and popped them ourselves.

Then along came Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. This material took the bubble blowing world by storm. Here was a bubble you could play with for longer periods of time. They did not pop. You could hold them in your hand, pass them back and forth or just watch them blow along in the wind.  Sadly Super Elastic Bubble Plastic went the way of most fads. After the novelty wore off and sales went down the product became part of American lore.

Super Elastic  is still around but it is not as popular as before .There is a lesson to learned about our faith from this fad.  We can’t let our lives as followers of Jesus go the same as Super Elastic Bubble Plastic.  Start out as an exciting novelty that when the newness wears off it is put on the back burner becoming part of our life lore. The life of a follower of Jesus is meant to be as dynamic in twenty, thirty, or forty years as it was on the first day. Let us keep our hearts focused on Jesus and life will always feel new.


Daily Drawing #177, A Mountain Into A Molehill

This drawing is kind of a piggy back from my drawing from yesterday. It is entitled, “Making A Molehill Out of Mountains.” It seems to me we live in a country where the smallest thing goes from being a little molehill into big mountain. Now I’m not talking about a true offense because they should never be dealt with appropriately. I am talking about when somebody offends you because they don’t like what you’re wearing or when something they’ve said something you’ve taken the wrong way.

These moments can become mountainous in our ears. In a huff we turn and walk away vowing to never to talk to the person again. More arguments start over small misunderstandings that blossom into big issues more than anything else. The Bible says in Proverbs 17:14 ESV,  “The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out.” In other words make sure all molehills stay that way. Don’t let them become mountains.

Daily Drawing #176, A Bad Hair Day

The title of the drawing for today is, “Bad Hair Day.” Poor little Rapunzel has let down her hair right on top of her wayward hero. Each of us has a bad hair day, not in the literal sense but in a figurative way. I for one have no hair. Anyway, bad days are gonna come. it is how we deal with them. When the bad times come don’t invite them to take up long term residence in your heart. Instead talk about them with others, seeks out others to pray with you, make an appointment with a Biblical counselor. Do whatever it takes, but don’t dwell on the bad times.