Daily Drawing #144, Silly As You Should Be

The prompt for today was to draw a silly face. Here is my offering, “Silly Girl.” I am one of those guys who has a hard time not taking myself seriously. I don’t know why. I like to joke around with other people and I like quirky people, places and things. Still when it comes to creating art which is a little quirky or different I revert to trying to create traditional drawings. I want to let go and be myself when I create art. I am trying to branch out. The silly face drawing is one example.

I feel in life as in art we can’t always be serious. As children we do things which are off the wall, spontaneous and free from thinking. When we turn into adults we are taught to grow up. Well growing up is a good thing. In fact the Bible tells us to put away “childish things” when we age. The Bible is talking about being adult like in our dealings with with things like money. parenting etc.  Still in other areas we need some time to do things which bring a smile. Some of these things can be of like a “childish nature” like creating art.  Someone use to tell me when you think old you’re going to feel old. I think it was good advice to live life.


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