Daily Art #136, Stumped

The prompt I chose for today was the word, “wooden.” I had this picture of a stump for a while so I decided to use it for today’s drawing entitled, “Stumped.”  I have a lot of trees near my house. In fact at one point I had two of them by house removed some time ago. When the tree service took the trees down they gave me an estimate for taking out the stumps. I was amazed to find removing the stumps would cost as much or more than taking down the trees.  I asked, “Why?” The guy went on to explain that the base of the tree carries into the ground so they must bring in a stump grinder to get rid of the stump.

I am reminded that how deeply we are rooted into something is a good indication of how well we will stick with the task at hand. Of course this applies to faith in Jesus Christ. The deeper our faith the more we will stand like a tall tree when the storms come. However I think the simile of the tree stump applies to anything in life. How deeply rooted we are in loosing weight, trying to stop smoking, being a good employee at work and any number of things is how strong we will stand. The shallower our roots (belief in what we’re doing) the sooner we will fall when the strong winds come. So remember to make sure your stump will be hard to get out of the soil anytime you commit to something.


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