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Daily Drawing #151, Curiosity by Candlelight



In our society we don’t do much by candlelight anymore, well except those scented kind which rid the home of unwanted smell. In by gone days candles were the chief source of light along with oil lamps. I have often wondered what it was like reading by candlelight or any other task like sewing. People managed and people filled their, “Curiosities by Candlelight,” the title of my quick little drawing for today. The drawing is one of my practice illustrations. The curious little candle comes down off of his pedestal to read.

As a child reading was my thing. Others played sports, played in the band or just hung out but I liked to read. I read anything I could my hands on, fiction or non-fiction. I have lost count of the number of books I have read in my lifetime. The list keeps growing each day. The one book which is my favorite,The Bible, is still my go to book every morning, and at times in the evening. The Bible offers me advice, the Book of Proverbs, it give me direction for my life in Psalms and the New Testament. The Bible is not antiquated like some say. It is still relevant. I would read it by candlelight if I had to but the Bible is the one book I will pick up again and again.

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Daily Drawing #150, Time to Play Broomball

Wow my 150th published drawing. It is hard to believe. Of course there are many more drawings which I drew in the course of this challenge but which I don’t know if I’ll publish. We’ll see. Today’s drawing is entitled “Broomball.” When I was kid we liked to play baseball. The problem was many times we didn’t have a bat. So we would get inventive and use what ever we could round up, sticks, brooms or maybe even a badminton racket. Brooms are a good choice because they have a big end which allows for better contact on the ball.

My advice for the day is this, don’t let the lack of something keep you from doing what you love. I love art but their are times when I am not near any if my art supplies so I improvise by finding a pen and a piece of paper. Even scrap paper will suffice. I then draw what I see and save the drawing to transfer or redraw later.

As a follower of Jesus there are many times we have to improvise, not by changing God’s message but in the way the message is delivered. There are some people who are ready to hear the message but others may not be ready. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and you will be sure to deliver the right message at the right time.

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Daily Drawing #149, A Soothing Moment Each Day

My art may not be noteworthy. My art may not hang in a gallery or in your home. While those things would be nice not being is okay with me.  You see I don’t create art I use are as my soothing moment each day to unwind from the chaotic world which surrounds daily life. We all need something soothing to occupy our down time. Some time where the cares of this life are let out of our minds. On this Memorial Day take the time to do something soothing and remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. God bless. See you on the morrow for the next drawing. By the way the drawing is entitled, “Plain White Daisy.”

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Daily Drawing #148, The Woody Woodpecker Show

Of course the drawing is not Woody Woodpecker, trademark issues being what they are but the bird is a woodpecker. Growing up Woody was one of my favorite cartoons along with many others like Magilla gorilla and Quick Draw McGraw. Each week I would sit in front of my television and watch episodes with great delight. Woody and the others were the foil of each episode (the things which the needed to be stopped). He was usually seen trying to take food that didn’t belong to him. Over the years I have seen less and less of those old cartoons but still enjoy them from time to time.

Woody is another one of my bird pictures. Like I have mentioned many times I seem to draw a lot of birds but feel they are not my greatest renderings. Bird drawings seem simple to draw but in the end are very complex in their renderings. I guess I will keep on drawing my feathered friends because as they say practice makes perfect.

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Daily Drawing #147, Burger and Fries Please

One of my favorite foods is a good burger and fries. Sorry to all of you who don’t eat meat.  Over the years I eaten I’ve had the pleasure of dining on burgers and fries in many different places from burger chains to mom and restaurants. Sadly, as I age, my body has been telling me burgers are no longer welcome. Recently I eat more chicken sandwiches if I eat meat at all. I find I love my salads more theses days.

In life all things change. No matter how much we try to hold onto our youth it is just not going to happen. Just as our diets need to change with age so do out exercise regiment and need to keep our bodies moving. I plan to keep working as long as I kind, no not full time but at least a few hours a week at least to give myself so exercise after all the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:18, “Through sloth the roof sinks in,and through indolence the house leaks.” I for one don’t want a sunken and leaky life.


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Daily Drawing #146, Last Leaf of Autumn

I know it is a little early to be talking about autumn but I go where the prompt takes me. The title of today’s drawing is entitled, “Little Boy Waiting.”  As a little boy of a single parent home one of my chores was to do all the yard work. In the summer that meant hours spent mowing the grass, pulling weeds and in the fall raking leaves. At least I got a break in the winter because we didn’t have much of a sidewalk to shovel.

As an adult, my work load has increased. It seems at times all I do is mow the grass, pull weeds and do edging in the summer, In the autumn I rake the leaves which blow into my yard from the neighbors yard. In the winter, well let me give you a word of advice do not buy a corner lot with wrap around sidewalks. Sorry got into a sort of rant there.

Back to why the tree and the one last leaf of autumn. The little boy is patiently waiting for the last leaf to drift down to him. This is a lesson to us all. We live in a world which seems to have lost it’s patience. We want what we want and we want it now. I call this the Violet Syndrome, you know the little girl from Willy Wonka, she always wanted to be instantly gratified. I come from a poor family and am still not what I call well off so I have to save up and get something when I have enough money. This makes me more thankful for what I receive. So to wrap all this up, be patient, take your time to enjoy the moment and don’t be to quick to rush around.

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Daily Drawing #145, Dancing Beneath the Streetlight 

The title of today’s offering is based on the prompt, “streetlight” hence the title, “Dancin’ In the Streetlight.” The simple reminder for us all with this prompt and my brief message for today is this, light illumines, darkness hides all. We live in an age which many say is growing darker. Lawlessness seems to be growing. While that may be true I have been reading some old Life magazines and it seems like what we are going through now was true of earlier times. Some of the magazines from the 1950’s talk of gang violence and more. Back then they even dealt with the same diseases we’re dealing with now like cancer, diabetes among others, .

While each generation seems to think the good ole days were much better than the  world now things are not always as they appear. The only truth is this, no matter how the times appear, good or bad, as followers of Jesus we always need to be dancing in the light of God’s word, our streetlight to navigate through what is up ahead.