Doodle #120, The Rock Amidst the Water

The drawing prompt for today is the word, rock. My drawing is a yet untitled rock formation with some weeds growing amongst them. The Neshaminy Creek was right down the side street from the house where I lived when I was a child. The creek was a fascinating place. You could go fishing, hang out on the rocks at rapids when the tide was down, search for bugs among other things. Right in the center of the creek by what we called the new bridge, for obvious reasons, was this humongous rock sticking out of the water.

During low tide you could wade out to the rock, climb on top of it wand look up down the creek in both directions. The rock seemed like a place of refuge in the midst of the water. My friends, particularly my friend Jeanie, had a lot of lot of good times at that rock and along the banks of the creek. Those days seemed so peaceful.

Today’s prompt also remind me of some words of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, ” on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” While some feel this verse is about Peter being the foundation for God’s church, while others feel Jesus is talking about the solid rock of the Word. God’s Word is like the rock in the middle of the Neshaminy Creek, floods and storms came and that rock was still there. As far as I know the rock is still there though I haven’t been down to look in over twenty years. As Christian’s we need to remember to stand on the rock of God’s Word through the storms and in the good peaceful days.


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