Doodle #118, Round and Round and Round

If you haven’t guessed by now the drawing prompt for today is the word, “round.” My drawing is entitled, “The Round Flower Pot.” I could have gone in a bunch of different directions with this one, some balls, wedding rings, glasses but instead I chose a kind of awkward flower pot. Why the flower pot? Well the reason is simple really. As a child I had big ambitions for myself. I wanted to be a rock star, a teacher, a business owner to name only a few. All of these ambitions had one thing in common, a lot intent but little follow through.

This is where the flower pot comes in. You see ambitions in life are like flowers once planted they need a lot of care or else they will not thrive. No, with proper care and feeding even plants like the ones in a garden will wither and die. This is what happened to a lot of my ambitions. I did not care and feed them as I was growing older. Then like the flowers they fizzled and died.

So my quick advice for today is this. If you seek to do something, pray about it, seek God’s help to stay it, and do it till you feel like you want to give up but don’t. What you want to do is push forward so your ambitions will be like a well cared for flower. it will blossom and be beautiful.


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