Doodle #111, Fan the Flame in Your Heart

In each of us burns a flame. At times the flame is a small spark but at other times when we draw close to God or find something we are passionate about the flame burns brightly. I have discovered however, as I grow older the flame seems to be growing a little dimmer. It is not because I feel any less close to God or that I don’t have the passion to do His work.  This website was created to put the drawing and illustrations I create out there for others to see but also to proclaim God and His word.

No, the problem with my flame growing dimmer has to do with my feelings of being a useful member of society. I once was able to do anything I put my mind to do, but I no longer seem to the have the oomph to do those tasks. I know it is a part of getting older but it still seems a little disheartening.  For all us baby boomers out there who are feeling the same way try to do as I’m doing take up a challenge you’re passionate about and get at it to the best of your ability.

I am also putting out the call to anyone who reads this blog, if you know of a ministry I can do from home please let me know.


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