Doodle #104, A Ladybug Named Francis

When I saw the prompt for today was the word ladybug, my mind immediately went to one of my favorite animated characters, Francis, the ladybug from the “A Bug’s Life,” movie. The reason I like the character is because Francis is not what he appears.  He is a tough guy wrapped in a not so tough attire.

Why do I bring this up is because in our society we are often judged by appearances first. If we don’t like what we see, well I’m sure you know what is happens next. The news is full of worst case scenarios of people misjudging someone because of appearances. Even I know first hand the sufferings of being bullied because someone deemed my appearance and demeanor were not up to their standards. It can be a crippling thing to be deemed different all because you do no meet another person’s standards. It can lead to a life time of turmoil.

The Bible says in John  7:24, to , “Stop judging according to outward appearances,” instead look to a person’s heart there you will find the true person. The outside is only window dressing. The inside is where the true person lies.


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