Doodle #96, The Early Bird Gets the Worm


When I heard today’s prompt word, worm, right away I thought of the old adage, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm.” The gist of the adage is the idea if you wait long enough what you desire may not be there. Over the course of my life time this adage has meant different things. When I was young it meant I worked ahead in school in order to insure I was ready to go out and play after school.

As I grew older the saying took on many different meanings but the one I forgot was preparing for later in life. The early bird starts to put away for retirement as soon as possible. They do not wait for the time when the worm (money) is needed to get them through. The early bird is left with a nest egg. The late bird, well they not only don’t get the worm they may not have enough left in their nest to get them through. My advice, be the early bird. Start saving now.


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