Warning! The Road Ahead May be Rough, Doodle #86


Life is often referred to as a journey or a long road we travel on from birth to death. Today’s prompt was the word “rough” which got me to think the road we travel on is seldom smooth and straight. It is more like the roads in PA where I live rough and full of potholes. When we are young, if we are blessed, there are not to many potholes we have to avoid, maybe our choice of a college, a significant other.

As we age and life starts to overtake us the road can become a little rougher to travel and the pot holes can become much larger. The key for me in filing in all those pot holes is putting my faith in God and trusting Him to lead me around or over the potholes. Life after all should not be about just surviving each day being cranky it should be about living.



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