Big Dreams Gone, Doodle #70


When I was a little kid one of my favorite shows was Land of the Giants.  The premise of the show was that a spaceship crash landed on this planet inhabited by giants. To the giants these miniature people were the curiosities which needed to be studies. The shows fascination for me came in the realization that I was this miniature person growing up in a world filled with giants (the adults).

The world as a child for me was a world filled with desires and dreams of becoming one of the giants so I could do the things they did and become as they were. Today looking back I wonder whatever became of that little dreamer who used to while away many hours with my friends planning out the future. Oh the dreams we had. the desires of our hearts that were meant to be fulfilled.

I can say as I sit here today many of my dreams so far have not been totally fulfilled and my desires have changed many times over the years. Once I wanted to be rich and famous now I just want to sit back with my wife and do things with her. Of course I want to become an artist who can sell some of his work.



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