Every Day Has a Future, Doodle #90


Well it has been three months and I am still rolling along with my doodle challenge. At the start of the challenge I had high ambitions for the future by creating a piece of art every day. Once I started I decided, because of time constraints, to switch to doodle drawings. In the future I plan on going back and redoing some of the doodles into full fledged art which I will re-post. Some of the others I feel are pretty cool as they are and I will reproduce for resale.  The rest still will go into my good try but not ready for prime time file.

As an artist getting to the end of any art work is both an exhilarating as well as an oh no experience. The oh no part can come with staring at the future and the start of a new project and wondering where do I go from here. I however am one of those artists which has a number of projects going on at once. I always have a future piece waiting on an easel or drawing board.  I chalk it up to my adult ADD but it keeps me from suffering the moments where you sit around staring into space wondering what project to do in the future.

Outside of art, any new start , a job, a relationship, whatever it may be is fraught with future expectations and nervous feelings to control.  I learned years ago from a book entitled, “How to Eat an Elephant,” by Bill Hogan, which is actually a financial advice book. any big task or future expectation must be broken down into bite sized pieces. These smaller pieces allow you to get the task done without it seeming so daunting.

When I first started this challenge I panicked because I thought there was no way I could do that many drawings. Then I remember the task was made of 365 smaller tasks one done each day. I could meet the challenge. So in life don’t panic when you have to do something big just brake it down to smaller portions. I have found this also works in art. I hope you like today’s doodle, “Contemplating the Future.”


The Climax is Not the End, Doodle #89


I admit today’s doodle is not really a doodle it is an acrylic painting I am currently working. The painting fit in better with today’s prompt the word climax, which of course means the end. The climax of any story is the moment when the lot line reaches the final act which should tie the whole story together. In art there is also a climax when we step back from a piece of art and say aha, we’re done or are we?

The piece above entitled, “Winter Pine Tree,” is not a finished piece of art. I still have to do some work to complete the tree. I first looked at the picture and thought I was done but still felt like there was more to do to finish the picture. The problem I have with my paintings is I feel like I never reach the point where I can put the painting aside as a finished painting. Many of these unfinished works, at least unfinished in my eyes, I look at years down the road and am amazed at how well they look.

As always I have a life message for you. As I reach the climax years of my life there are times I look back at my life and think I am done. There is nothing more for me to complete. Then like a work of art in progress I look at may life and think there are a few more brush strokes which can be added to the painting. This is why the title of this doodle is, The Climax is Not the End” is because we must never view our lives as finished because there is always something out there to be done.

Getting from Point A to Point B, Doodle #88


In our modern lives everything is all about transition, today’s prompt word.. It is figuring out before you take the first step how you’re going to get from Point A to Point B. Don’t get me wrong planning is good but there are times when we need to take off our logical caps and put on the caps of spontaneous creation. Art is one of those times.

When we art we need to be prepared to use transition not only in the creation of our drawings but also in when we apply color. My doodle for today is a tribute to Chuck Berry whose music was a true transition from the music of his early career. It is a simple outline drawing with some transition of color to give it a little pop.

Life is also filled with a lot of transitions.  I remember when I first went to high school as a ninth grader. I walked into this building filled with giant people. I had to transition from being the oldest class in the middle school to the new kids on the block. It wasn’t easy. There were a lot of freshman class pranks I had to endure, loves sought and and lost and ever changing friendships but I got through it and came out the other side a little wiser.

Life can be like those high school years. There are going to be times when we are going to go through transitions in our lives and if we are not careful we can be overcome by them. The key to working through transitions is remaining faithful and seeking help if necessary.

Keeping Things Light, Doodle #87


I have to admit when I first saw today’s prompt the word “light” I wanted to talk a little bit about how as Followers of Jesus we are the light of the world. Instead my mind wandered to having a light mood.  Then I decided to do something I haven’t done in a number of years, create a cartoon panel. What came out can roughly be ruled an illustration but hey, I tried.

I was always told growing up the best medicine for a sallow heart is a smile and laughter. I think that is true when I feel down I draw which brings a smile to my face and my mood instantly rises. When I really want to lighten my mood I watch a good comedy so I can laugh. While laughter only lightens the mood for a little while it is still a little while we are not thinking about what is going on around us.

Proverbs 15:13-15 states ” A glad heart makes a happy face,” but a smile also lightens up those with who we come in contact. Think about it. Would you rather talk to a person who is smiling and happy looking then one who can be the proverbial downer all the time. I have always tried to not take my inner feelings to the workplace. I greet others with a smile and a hello no matter what I am feeling like inside. It is not easy to do bit I do it anyway.

Till tomorrow here’s to smiling more, laughing more and changing the moods of others around you. I hope you enjoy today’s doodle

Warning! The Road Ahead May be Rough, Doodle #86


Life is often referred to as a journey or a long road we travel on from birth to death. Today’s prompt was the word “rough” which got me to think the road we travel on is seldom smooth and straight. It is more like the roads in PA where I live rough and full of potholes. When we are young, if we are blessed, there are not to many potholes we have to avoid, maybe our choice of a college, a significant other.

As we age and life starts to overtake us the road can become a little rougher to travel and the pot holes can become much larger. The key for me in filing in all those pot holes is putting my faith in God and trusting Him to lead me around or over the potholes. Life after all should not be about just surviving each day being cranky it should be about living.


Cats are Cool Creatures, Doodle #85


I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but I seem to have a fondness for drawing and doodling cats. The reason is I think cats are the coolest creatures. Like the Fonz in the old Happy Days show cats do things on their own terms. When my son was still at home and had his cat in my house I was often reminded of how much a cat runs the show.

On the other hand cats can also be loving and affectionate. They will curl up next to you on the couch, walk on you in the middle of the night and meow like crazy until you show them some love in return.

My doodle today is “Ode to Cat People.” I hope you enjoy the drawing.