Don’t Take Art Criticism Personally

Criticism, what are you gonna do with it, absolutely nothing? Well maybe not. If you’re like me when you create a piece of art and release it to the world the last thing you want to to hear is criticism. No artist wants there work panned but criticism should not be taken personally but creatively.

As an artist the first type of criticism  you deal with is internal. As an artist you know what I’m talking about Internal criticism is the little voice inside your head that tells you your work is not good,so why even try completing the piece, just scrap it and move on. This type of criticism is the easiest for me to ignore. I just press on, standing back from time to time, evaluating my piece, making adjustments and then moving on. There are times I will even step back from a piece and move on to something else until I feel my internal criticism has waned.

The hardest criticism for me take is the external kind. There were times in my art career where the fear of external criticism caused me to keep my creations from the eyes of the world. I still have those fears but now I have learned to hear the criticism, thank the people for their view and move on to the next piece of art.

The reason I can do this is because I no longer create art to please the masses. I create art which satisfies my soul and brings me the most joy. In the end no matter the outcome of the piece I can release it the world, realizing there are going to be those who don’t like the end result, those who love the end result and those who don’t care one way or the other.

So, if your concerned over criticism, don’t be, it is part of the process of having a creative spirit given to you by our Creator. An artist’s life like any part of life is not going to be easy but the rewards at the end of the road are worth the trials and tribulations or criticisms with which you’re going to have to deal.

As a teach shirt I once saw stated, “Keep on Arting.”


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