Art is in the process?

I have always thought of art as this complicated and illusive process whereby you spend hours trying recreate something set before your eyes. In the same light I must say I have never really thought of calling myself a true artist. When I survey my body of work I see some highlights but more even more low lights which are not offered up for view.

However over the last almost two months of doing the simple drawings on this blog I have discovered that the meaning of art for me is in the process of creating a simple drawing, a full fledged painting or an assemblage of paper and paint. I no longer worry what the end result of the whole process will be but have fun delving into the process of creating which I believe is one of the reasons God,our Creator out on this earth. We ate meant to create and enjoy our creations.

While someday I would love to sell some of my art work I will spend whatever days I have left reveling in the process of creating art.


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