An Artist is as an Artist Does…

My wife often asks me “Why don’t you finish one picture before you start another one?” My reply to her usually comes out as a philosophical sounding statement, “An artist is as an Artist does…”

What does that mean? Well as an artist when inspiration hits I pick up my pencil or paint brush and let inspiration runs it’s course. Currently I am working on my daily art challenge, a few other odds and end projects and a commission project for a good friend of mine.

I handle all the different projects at once by working on a painted piece, then moving onto another piece of pen and ink, colored pencil or pastel piece while I am waiting for the first piece to dry.

I know a lot of artists can only concentrate on one piece at time. I don’t seem to be able to function that way. Maybe it is my adult ADD or just the fact I love to create up to the point that even when I am not spending time creating works of art I am doodling in pen and pencil. I have come to like many of doodles because they are more spontaneous and are done with less worry about the end result which is why I created my other blog Whoodles.

In the end when someone asks you what are you currently working on simply tell them a lot.


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