Finding Inspiration for Your Art

I am often asked where I find inspiration for my art. First I consider myself more of an art doodler than a true artist. So with that in mind I just look around and paint or draw whatever tickles my fancy. While this may not help you with finding ideas to paint or draw here are some of the places I have turned to in the past when I got stuck in painter’s block.

1.Repaint a former piece. Take a former piece of art and re-imagine the piece in a different style.

2. Look to the masters. Go the library and get a book of paintings of your favorite artist  My favorite is VanGogh. Take a photo or picture of your choosing and try to create a painting the style of the painter.

3. Look to what is today’s source of inspiration for many people, Pinterest. The website is a treasure trove of ideas for art and more. I often find something on the website which catches my eye then I go and try and create a painting or drawing.

4. Look for one of those of those sites like Something to Draw and scroll through the pictures until you find one you feel compelled to reproduce. Make sure the site you pick your photo from is truly a free to use site.

5. Take a road trip. Often times I will get in my car, cell phone in pocket and head out to take some pictures. The main thing when you do this is to just take the pictures and not try to find perfect art. I often find when you do that you miss some pretty cool pictures.

6. Take an art class where you learn something you don’t already know.

7. Find an online list where they challenge you to draw something each day. I am using one of those lists for each month of my drawing challenge. I find these list invaluable because they make me try to and draw things which I would never think of drawing before.

This is only a short list of ways to find inspiration for your drawing or painting. There are many other ways out there. Just Google it and you will find all kinds of  ideas.




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