A Messy Studio = A Prolific Artist?


I am kind of embarrassed to put this picture out there but I am doing so for a good reason. In the picture you see and unfinished painting on the easel as well as one on the floor.

My art studio as you can see is anything but clean. The other part of my studio, which you can’t see looks worse. I find I am more productive when everything is lying about. I do make an effort to clean up my studio from time to time but find I do my best work among the clutter.

How about you, do work best when everything is nice and neat or does clutter equal inspiration?.


One thought on “A Messy Studio = A Prolific Artist?”

  1. I like a little clutter. Having my materials and tools close at hand does inspire me, but I do most of my work at a table. Unfortunately clutter seems to stack up in between projects so I have to clear off a space to work.


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