One Month Down…

It is hard to believe I have completed one month of my year long art challenge already. Over the first month I have discovered several truths I would like to share with others.

  1. You cannot get better at anything  including art unless you take the time to practice.
  2. Sitting down to draw each day brings joy and is a daily reminder of why I like art, sharing it with others.
  3. Like believing in God it takes a lot of faith to look at a blank canvas, no matter what form the canvas takes and seeing in the mind’s eye a picture forming there. The faith comes in taking the first stroke and putting color down until the piece of art takes form.
  4. No matter what the finished piece of art looks like I must not get discouraged.I have to keep pushing forward and keep creating art because success only comes when you finish the race.
  5. And in the end I know I said it once and I must say it again it is my faith which keeps me moving forward in life and in this art challenge.

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