Why pick one medium?

An art teacher once told me “You must pick one medium and stick with it in order to become good in that medium.” I took her statement to heart and divested a lot of time back in the 90’s creating new pieces in chalk pastels.  While I I love the medium I always wanted to venture out into other areas like pen and ink and acrylic paints.

After a few years life took over and I didn’t create many pieces until the last couple of years when I ventured into the wonderful world of acrylics.  I love the paints but I also have found a love for some other mediums like colored pencils, watercolors and blue pen

In the wisdom of my years of art work, yeah right, I have found while I agree with part of the statement about to become better at anything you must practice,  I also don’t agree with sticking with one medium.  I don’t know if it is my adult ADD but I love to create art in what ever form I am led to use. If I want to make a collage I pick up the pieces and create. I also love cartoons and manga. I guess what it boils down to for me is why pick one medium when you can use whatever is available?


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