Pruning for production in your art life

A fruitful artistic life requires a little pruning.  In order to make as a successful artist you must be willing to prune some things from you life in order to insure your energies flow in the right direction.

There are three ways to prune your art life.

Get rid of the aspects of your art life which are too much to sustain like the many distractions and procrastination’s which pull you from your work. Simply put do way with all those parts of your art life which take away the creative energy from what you truly love.

Secondly, to become a thriving artist you must put to rest those aspects of your art life which are to sick to survive. If you’re like me I will not give up on creating something no matter whether or not it is what I deem as sick art.  Let me give you an example.  I have tried for years to become a portrait artist with limited success as you will see by some of my posts. I have not given up on my love of portrait drawing but I have realized over time I need to temper my enthusiasm for portrait drawing in order to spend more time in my other art endeavors which I am better at.

Finally a thriving art life must not become to crowded. Don’t try to to fit too much doing into your art life or it will take away from the creating.  If you’re passion is visual art like painting or drawing don’t try to branch out and do other things like crafting. Practice the art you love and you’ll always find the most joy and the most success.


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