Daily Timeout for Art #31


“A Woman by the Sea,” is a simple #2 pencil drawing done on tan card stock. I love the look of pencil on paper.  I hope to offer some more of these simple drawings in the future. As an artist it is always good to get back to the basics and just drawing.


Daily Timeout for Art #30


Here is another digital offering. Surprise, surprise it is another pot of flowers. I promise I will try to mix in something different. The title of this one is “A Red Urn of Flowers.”

To Draw Digitally or Not to Draw Digitally

I have been given a gift. It is not my gift of drawing or putting brush to paint and creating something from nothing. It is is a gift of a Paper 53 pen. I got the pen for Christmas and just started to delve into it’s many wonders. Let me tell you the pen is both a blessing and a frustration. I have discovered the creative process for digital art is a little frustrating.

Even with stylus in hand the digital canvas does not respond in the same manner as does the normal drawing process. All I can say at this point is I strongly admire all you digital artists out there. I know I will keep on drawing on my tablet and keep on learning but until I get better I will keep on asking myself should I draw digitally or not draw digitally. Oh yeah if anybody know of any good books or tutorials please let me know.