Say goodbye to 2016

New Years eve a time when an old year comes to an end and a new one begins.  New Years is a time of reflections of what has transpired, good and bad, in the previous year and a time to look ahead to what might be in the coming year.The Christian group Switchfoot once sang:

Gone, like yesterday is gone, Like history is Gone, just try to prove me wrong.”

What does this all have to do with being an artist. Well truthfully nothing except the fact if you didn’t get you butt in the chair and create all the art you wanted to the New Year is an idea time to put the past behind and move ahead to a great art career. Well maybe not great but a year when you create more art than you did the year before.

By the way looking ahead My personal art challenge starts on the morrow January 1st.  If you care yo join me simply send me you pictures and I will share them with others.

That is all for this year. Have a safe and Happy New Year.


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