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Art in the New Year

If I’ve heard these words  once I’ve heard them a thousand times. What are the words, “I can’t do art I’m not an artist.”  That is what I thought at one time too until I picked up a book by Betty Edwards entitled, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  Her book enlightened me to the fact I could be an artist. I could draw.

Don’t get me wrong art is all about practice. You have to put your butt in the chair and practice, practice, practice and then practice some more.

Here are some websites dedicated to teaching anyone how to draw:

How to Draw It


Draw/Sketch on

These are only three of the many websites out there. The key is to find one you like and roll with it.  There are also numerous books available at your local library or on Of course if oyu want a drawing partner just drop me a comment or a tweet and I would love to help you discover your artistic talent.



I am a self taught artist who for lack of a better term considers myself to be a nob classical folk artist. I love to dabble in all mediums and all types of subject matter. I especially love to add a little whimsy to many of my creations. I hope you enjoy my blog Inspire Arts as well as the companion site VioLil Arts named after two of my grand children.

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