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Say goodbye to 2016

New Years eve a time when an old year comes to an end and a new one begins.  New Years is a time of reflections of what has transpired, good and bad, in the previous year and a time to look ahead to what might be in the coming year.The Christian group Switchfoot once sang:

Gone, like yesterday is gone, Like history is Gone, just try to prove me wrong.”

What does this all have to do with being an artist. Well truthfully nothing except the fact if you didn’t get you butt in the chair and create all the art you wanted to the New Year is an idea time to put the past behind and move ahead to a great art career. Well maybe not great but a year when you create more art than you did the year before.

By the way looking ahead My personal art challenge starts on the morrow January 1st.  If you care yo join me simply send me you pictures and I will share them with others.

That is all for this year. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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Art and the Christmas Tree

As I sit looking at my Christmas tree a simple thought came to me, being an artist is kind of like choosing a Christmas tree.

First you have to look around for a tree which when you sit see it you say to yourself I have to have it. Art is similar because when you first start out you may try a few different types of art until you pick one which resonates deep within your heart. I tried a few artistic outlets like music and writing until I fell in love with visual arts.

Second you need to decorate your tree just the way you like it. If your like my wife you put  on some lights, then arrange the  ornaments until they look perfect and then maybe top it off with some tinsel. As an artist you have to settle on a style all your own. This is what will set you apart from others.  The process of developing your own style is a journey not unlike decorating a tree. You try some things, maybe you don’t like them so your rearrange them until you get something all your own.

Lastly if you have a live tree you need to nurture it by keeping it well watered.  The same is true of your art. The only way to keep your art vibrant and growing is to keep it well watered. This requires you to always keep practicing and trying new things.

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Another Christmas in the rear view mirror

Well Christmas 2016 is in the books and it’s time to turn our attention to the New Year. If you’re like me thoughts turn to making New Years resolutions. I used to come up with some of the usual resolutions, lose weight, become more financially sound among many others.

As time went on I cut back on the resolutions and set my sights on being the best person I can be towards others. As an artist I create what others will see so I need to be the inspiration for others to create their own art. Being self centered or elusive will only cause others to turn away.

So in the New Year don’t make resolutions make friends and keep creating art.

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Art in the New Year

If I’ve heard these words  once I’ve heard them a thousand times. What are the words, “I can’t do art I’m not an artist.”  That is what I thought at one time too until I picked up a book by Betty Edwards entitled, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  Her book enlightened me to the fact I could be an artist. I could draw.

Don’t get me wrong art is all about practice. You have to put your butt in the chair and practice, practice, practice and then practice some more.

Here are some websites dedicated to teaching anyone how to draw:

How to Draw It


Draw/Sketch on

These are only three of the many websites out there. The key is to find one you like and roll with it.  There are also numerous books available at your local library or on Of course if oyu want a drawing partner just drop me a comment or a tweet and I would love to help you discover your artistic talent.

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Thomas Kinkade gone but not forgotten

This time of year I am reminded of one of mychrnewfavorite artists, Thomas Kinkade. The reason is the guy could create some sensational artwork filled with light and color. His paintings also feel welcoming and warm just like the true spirit of the holidays.

Like the painting of the Rockefeller Skaters Kinkade’s paintings seem as if you could step into them and become part of whatever holiday festivities are going on.

What better way to get into a festive mood for the Christmas season than takings in some beautiful artwork. For more Kincade artwork click here.