Doodle #143, Hot Times Need A Cool Breeze

I just realized I did a variation on the his picture before. This one is entitled, “Hot Times, Cool Breeze.” I am not a beach person, my wife, well it is hard to get her to leave. She loves the sea shore, the sand the ocean. Need I go on? While I am not a sandy beach person there is one thing however I do like about the shore, the ocean breeze. After a blazing hot day at the shore, driving up and down the highway looking in all the thrift stores, there is nothing like sitting by the ocean with breeze blowing in off the ocean. The cool air washes away the heat of the the day making you feel refreshed.

I often think of Sunday morning church in the same way. After a long week in the hot sun of a daily work week in our hectic world there is nothing like the cool breeze of a church service. The music, the fellowship, the sermon, the worship wash over you giving you a refreshed feeling like sitting on the beach at night. All is calm, all is bright.


Doodle #142, An Upside Down World

The drawing for today is entitled, “Upside Down Glasses.” The inspiration for the drawing came from this guy I used to run into where my mom worked. It was boarding house with a little bar attached. The guy was able to put a coaster on top of a glass filled with a liquid, flip it over and pull the coaster away without any liquid seeping out around the rim. No matter how many times I tried to replicate his trick I would spill some of whatever was in the glass. Of course the people who worked there didn’t like his trick because they would have to remove the glass and wipe up the liquid.

There is a verse in Isaiah 29:16 which says:

You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker,
    “He did not make me”;
or the thing formed say of him who formed it,
    “He has no understanding”?

Isaiah is talking here about our relationship with God. Like the glasses turned upside down we sometimes look at our relationship with God from the wrong perspective. We think God is there to do our bidding while we were put on this Earth to seek His will for our lives. I for one ask God every day what it is He needs me to do on that particular day. It is not wrong to give your petitions to the Lord but we must be careful not see God from the bottom up instead of from the top down. We live our live in a vertical relationship with God and must always be diligent to remember who made who.

10,000 Drawings That Just Don’t Work

A few simple words of encouragement from Thomas Edison who when questioned about his invention the light bulb had this to say, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I find at times the life of an artist seems like a life of drawing maybe not 10,000 drawings that just don’t live up to our expectations but which lead us to other drawing. Many times we have drawers full of drawing which we may view as failures. I know I used to look at these drawing and shake my head. However I like Edison don’t see them as failed attempts but as stepping stones to those drawings and paintings which I really like.

Each drawing I create leads me to another drawing, then another drawing. I no longer have failures in art but pieces which just didn’t work.

Doodle #141, A Furry Friend

While I don’t think it is my forte I love drawing animals. There is something comforting about rendering a likeness of a furry friend.  My fascination with animals started as a child and was partly fueled by my first girl friend who had a red fox as a pet. They kept it in a huge pen on their property and you could actually go in the pen and interact with the fox.

Family trips to my sister’s farm in West Virginia also brought me into contact with many farm animals some of whom were a little ornery like the roosters. Those birds hold a grudge and  will fly at your head when they get mad at you. Nighttime in our neighborhood also brought out lots of raccoons like the one pictured in my drawing entitled, “Raccoon and the Yellow Flower.”

As I grew older and still to this day I have a fascination with animals and as I said they will appear in many of my drawings, especially dogs and cats.I hope you have enjoyed my artwork up until now. Until tomorrow remember we all need to have a little joy in our live, let it be drawing furry friends, or more importantly having the joy of knowing Jesus in your heart.



Replicate or Recreate, That is the Question

When I first started to draw and paint I wanted to be one of those artists who replicated what they saw. You know what I mean. One of those artists whose paintings looks exactly like a photograph. So over the next few years I struggled and put a lot of pressure on myself trying to grasp the secret or making an exact copy of the image before my eyes. Art became more of a chore and less fun. One day I decided replication art was not my cup of tea.

I felt art should be more about re-creation than replication. As an artist I felt the need to recreate what I saw. Right then an there I decided to create paintings and drawing using my frame of reference with a little whimsy thrown in here and there. I leave replication to those artists whose talent rests in creating exact pieces. There is nothing wrong with being exact it just never settled into my temperament. These days I find myself creating a lot more abstract paintings consisting of a little exactness woven into a tapestry of whimsy.

In the end the question for all artists is going to be whether to replicate or recreate? The choice for you is going to be found in your heart

Doodle #140, Life is a Landscape

When I survey the landscape of my life I see may empty places I could have filled opportunities not fulfilled. Well enough of the waning philosophic. The drawing today is entitled, “The Mostly Barren Landscape.” It is a study piece for something I plan today later in acrylics. I hope to put the piece on as an extra offering sometime in the future.

While I usually try to write some kind of inspirational epitaph based on situations in my life this time it is a little tougher. You see my landscape (life) has never happened the way I envisioned. I thought when I was a teenager the rough times would be all behind me, back beyond the trees. I was wrong. There are many decisions I have made which I’ve wished I could unmake or get a redo. None of them have been major choice just ones where a second opinion or some advice from others would have been helpful.

So all I can say to anyone reading this is to not go it alone. If you’re in the process of some decision, big or small, first pray about the decision and then seek out wise council. You’ll be glad you did later. Also there will be less crabgrass and weeds growing in the landscape of your life.

Doodle #139, A Teddy Helps You Bear All Things

As a kid one of my favorite things was my soft (word of the day) and cuddly teddy bear. There were times my teddy bear was a source of comfort. I would hold it next to me in times of high stress to give me comfort. Other times I would drag the poor teddy all over the place getting him dirty and in need of a bath. Sadly the need for a teddy bear dissolved as I grew older. To this day I do not know what happened to any of by old teddy bears.

Comfort is something we all need when things go wrong. Some of us look to comfort in all the wrong places, drinking, sex, drugs, buying things and the list goes on and on. Comfort, however does not come in any of those things. It only comes in a close relationship with Jesus. In my life Jesus has been my comfort through so many trials and tribulations. The most recent being cancer surgery. I know many who read will be turned away or be turned off but I cannot help but talk about what I believe in my heart.