Daily Drawing #261, Chasing Raindrops

As a child one of my favorite things to do was run through the rain drops. Catching a stray raindrop or two on my tongue. Back then there seemed to be something refreshing and magical about the rain. I no longer run around in the rain well on purpose. Sometimes I get caught in a rainstorm and have no choice but to get wet. I also know now their is nothing really magical about rain because I know it is a gift from God to help His creation, the plants and man refreshed and hydrated. I hope you enjoy today’s drawing.


Daily Drawing #204, Where Have All the Churches Gone?

Back many,many years ago I first accepted the call of Jesus and asked Him into my heart. Soon after I started attending a church where many people listened to what was at the time labeled Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. One of my favorite artists of the genre was Steve Taylor. His music was to say different than anything I had ever heard before. I look back from many years later and think of one song of his which I really liked entitled, “This Disco Used to be a Cute Cathedral.” The song to me was about the decline in attendance at many churches which seems to be on the rise. Years ago attending your local church was something you did without question. Back then the church in turn to care of the needs of the people.

In our modern society over 80% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 20% attend church. That leaves 60% of the people who claim to be Christians not filling the seats in local churches. This means as Steve Taylor sings many churches empty and being converted to other uses.

This is sad my friends because a church is not just a place where we worship, it is a place called to be in service to God in the local community. So we need to get our you know whats back into the seats to worship but also out of the seats and into the streets in service to serve God by helping those in need.


1001 Drawings, #322 All Dressed Up

Yesterday I talked about how we see the other people around us. Today I want to mention how we see ourselves. The Bible tells us we are to think of ourselves to highly lest we concreted and fall away. The Bible also tells us not to think of yourself lest you fall into despair. Me, while I am not what I would call handsome or athletic I like to think of myself as a child of God. This view helps me find my place in this world.

1001 Drawings #321, What’s In A Look

In the high school I work at I come in contact with a variety of people. Some of them have developed their own styles or looks. the sad commentary on our society is that we judge many of those we come in contact with by what we see. I have learned from early on in life not to make a decision about anyone by how they may choose to dress or look. I always seek to know a person’s heart where the truth of a who a person is lies. So my advice is to try and do the same. Seek to get to know someone whom you might have otherwise not have any interest to know.

1001 Drawings #320 Read the Book

I am a reader of books. Over the years I’ve discovered the book is many times better than the movie. In the case of the Bible it is a coworker said to me a “a book to read and treasured word for word. A book to be read every chance we get.” She also said the, “Bible needs to be consumed.” I don’t disagree with her on either statement. The Bible is a book that is only effective in changing live when it is read and studied on a consistent basis and you don’t have to be a preacher. The Bible is God’s wisdom for each and every one.

1001 Drawings #319, A Face In The Crowd

In the Bible study video I watched on Tuesday night the pastor about how the Christian witness in the world is fading. The main reason he said is because we no longer stand out from the others around us but have become just another face in the crowd.  His solution…become a bold witness for Jesus. This does not mean we become arrogant or offensive about our faith. We only need to tell others our story about why we asked Jesus into our lives. Then have faith God will takes careof the rest.

1001 Drawings #318, A Collection of Hats

In life we wear many hats. I for instance am a husband, a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, an educational assistant, an artist Buthelezi most importantly a follower of Jesus. The key to life is making sure we seek and understand the importance of the hat we wear as a follower of Jesus and how it ties in with all the other hats.

1001 Drawings #317, My Old Street

I have discovered the older I get the more life is not about accumulating stuff but is more about family. Each day that goes by we need to grab hold of those we love and cherish and celebrate life together. So as the holidays rapidly approach spend time with those who matter.

1001 Drawings #316, A Girl’s Best Friend

I grew up wanting to be a cartoonist. While I am no Charles Schultz from time to time I like to draw a cartoon just for old times sake. The cartoon today is entitled “A Girl’s Best Friend.” The reason for the drawing is that many times is life we come across a friend who like a girl and a dog which on the surface do not go together. I have known many like that over the years. One of those is our relationship with God. On the surface how can a totally Holy God have any friendship with beings who are mentioned in the Bible many times as sinful. The answer is Jesus. He is the one who came over two thousand years ago to be the bridge to a friendship with God. Don’t take my word read the Bible, examine it and then decide for yourself.