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Daily Drawing #261, Chasing Raindrops

As a child one of my favorite things to do was run through the rain drops. Catching a stray raindrop or two on my tongue. Back then there seemed to be something refreshing and magical about the rain. I no longer run around in the rain well on purpose. Sometimes I get caught in a rainstorm and have no choice but to get wet. I also know now their is nothing really magical about rain because I know it is a gift from God to help His creation, the plants and man refreshed and hydrated. I hope you enjoy today’s drawing.

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Daily Drawing #204, Where Have All the Churches Gone?

Back many,many years ago I first accepted the call of Jesus and asked Him into my heart. Soon after I started attending a church where many people listened to what was at the time labeled Contemporary Christian Music or CCM. One of my favorite artists of the genre was Steve Taylor. His music was to say different than anything I had ever heard before. I look back from many years later and think of one song of his which I really liked entitled, “This Disco Used to be a Cute Cathedral.” The song to me was about the decline in attendance at many churches which seems to be on the rise. Years ago attending your local church was something you did without question. Back then the church in turn to care of the needs of the people.

In our modern society over 80% of Americans claim to be Christians but only 20% attend church. That leaves 60% of the people who claim to be Christians not filling the seats in local churches. This means as Steve Taylor sings many churches empty and being converted to other uses.

This is sad my friends because a church is not just a place where we worship, it is a place called to be in service to God in the local community. So we need to get our you know whats back into the seats to worship but also out of the seats and into the streets in service to serve God by helping those in need.


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#403 Sitting On The Porch

This is actually a redo of a picture, which according to the date, I did in January 2017. I took the original and colorized it using soft pastels and Prismacolor colored pencils. I have loved getting back to my roots of using pastels. I hope to regain the mastery of them I once had.

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#401 A Vase of Flowers

I forgot how much color you can get out soft pastels. This new painting Vase of Flowers has the rich colors I was looking for but still is not completely what I was looking to achieve. Art I have discovered is releasing and creating. The more you don’t try the more the more the mind opens up and creates. The life of a Christian is similar. The more we try to please God under our own power the more in constricts what God has in mind. We need to in simple terms and I don’t like to use this phrase…”Let go and let God.” That means to stop trying to please God and live life for God.

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#400 A Bottle of Wine

The first miracle in the Bible attributed to Jesus is the turning of water into wine. if you remember Jesus told Mary it was not yet His time to show people His true nature that of being the Son of God. Still Jesus being the good son he was listened to His mother and turned the water into not just wine but the best wine the guest had ever tasted. The fruit of the vine from Jesus is sweet. The sweetest thing we will ever taste this side of Heaven. I’m not talking about wine you drink. I am talking about a life lived for a greater purpose than self satisfaction. A life lived loving and helping others. So taste the sweet wine, bow the knee, accept the invitation of Jesus ans start living a more purposeful and free life.

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#399 The Little Church

I love to draw and paint old quaint buildings like this small church. They are reminders to me of s simpler time when bigger was not always better and better meant you were always striving to be your best. It seems today many churches, in order to appeal to the masses and grow their churches have tweaked the truth. I have peace in the knowledge that yes Jesus wants our best but we are not to change a one iota of the message in order to appear better.